We are proud to announce an exciting new collaboration between Yam Finance and metaverseDAO (mDAO), teaming up to tackle the metaverse and more together!

Yam Synths will soon be launching with uPUNKS, a powerful synthetic asset pegged to the entire Crypto Punk NFT market. Last month we also teamed up with UMA Protocol and Crypto.com to put our NFT products in the hands of over 10M people!

uPUNKS will let users earn yield, hedge…

Ethereum Gaming and NFTs Unlocked

Are you ready to Play? 👾👇

A product of love and labour from the PieDAO and NFTX communities, PLAY is your ultimate touch point with the entire Ethereum gaming and NFT ecosystem. Comprised of 14 carefully hand-picked assets, it gives you easy exposure and liquidity in the rapidly expanding Metaverse in just one ERC-20 token.


Winter Bears Founder, covering Ethereum/DeFi/NFTs/DAOs

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