Pickle Finance Community Blog Nov 14th

PIP 17 Enacted, BTC + DAI Rewards Boosted

Withdrawal Fees Removed

The community passed a vote removing withdrawal fees with 85.33% support.

Pickle Analytics

Community Creativity Challenge

Pickle Contributors Rewarded

Last week the community came together with a proposal to reward and celebrate key individuals who have put their time and effort into Pickle.

Bug Bounty Program

Forum Highlight: The Future of UNI Rewards

Provided by yyctrader + Jintao
  • reallocate rewards to other farms
  • increase Pickle staking rewards triple digit figures
  • allow Pickle stakers to vote

Conversation With Larry the Cucumber

Gabriel Haines chatted with the glorious Larry the Cucumber, covering a wide range of topics.

Community Member Spotlight: Rooster Cogburn

241 WETH of Weekly Staking Rewards

MixBytes Audit


That’s all for this week Picklers!



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